Pausing to remember those who killed by nuclear bombs

Hibakusha (pronounced [çibaꜜkɯ̥ɕa]; Japanese: 被爆者 or 被曝者; lit. “person affected by a bomb” or “person affected by the exposition [to a bomb]”) is a word of Japanese origin generally designating the people affected by the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In this 75th year since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we welcome the following opportunity to hear the voices of the Nagasaki Youth Delegation on Sunday, 24 May at 8 a.m., Central Time (Winnipeg):   The Nagasaki Youth Delegation will have an online event on May 24 (Sunday)  at 8:00 am.m. Central Time Title: All humans could be the next Hibakushas. All humans could make others be Hibakushas   Date Time: May 24, 2020 09:00 AM EDT May 24, 2020 10:00 PM JST May 24, 2020 03:00 PM CEST Here is the registration link.(The event will be conducted zoom online meeting, and the link will be informed once you register).

Social Distancing and the Winnipeg Monthly Meeting

From our Ministry and Counsel members Hi, All, Meeting of Ministry and Counsel has put together a few recommendations for us in anticipation of tomorrow’s Meeting for Worship, and to consider further at Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business. They are: 1. Please stay home if you are feeling the least bit unwell. The early symptoms of COVID-19 can be very mild such as fatigue or feeling achy even before having a fever or cough. 2. The Meeting will provide hand sanitizer and tissues in the Meeting room. (Since hand sanitizer is a bit difficult to find, if you would like to bring some, please do so.) Also, please wash your hands well before, during and after we are together. (Suggested songs to hum while washing hands: “Tis a Gift to be Simple”, “I will Survive” — Gloria Gaynor.) 3. We will not hold hands at the rise of Meeting. Bump elbows instead, or bow. 4. The chairs will be set up with more space in between. 5. Clean door knobs, handles and spigots before and after Meeting. Prop door to the Meeting Room open as possible (until Meeting begins, and afterward). 6. End the sharing of snacks and food (feel free […]

Climate Strike Support

Here is a minute from a recent Meeting for Worship with Special Attention to Business. 2019.08.03 We affirm our support for the Climate Action Strike on September 27, led by Manitoba Youth for Climate Action, and affirm our support for the seven demands of the strike: 1. Bold Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets—Legislate greenhouse gas emission reductions of 65% by 2030, reaching net zero emissions by 2040. 2. Separation of Oil and State—Reject all new fossil fuel extraction or transportation projects, eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, and price pollution. 3. A Just Transition—Transition to renewable energy and sustainable transportation infrastructure, while guaranteeing opportunity for fossil fuel workers in the new economy. 4. Environmental Rights—Enshrine in law the fundamental right to a healthy environment. This would include, but is not limited to, the right to safe air, clean water, and healthy soil. 5. Rights of Indigenous Peoples—Commit to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in full. 6. Conservation of Biodiversity—Maintain and protect old growth forests, restore cut blocks, reduce habitat fragmentation, and strengthen the protection of at-risk species. 7. Protection of Vulnerable Communities—Recognize Canada’s disproportionate role in the climate crisis, and our subsequent responsibility to protect the […]

Winnipeg hosts national Quaker meeting

From the Winnipeg Free Press Winnipeg hosts national Quaker meeting Annual event serves to unify and connect friends from across the country By: Sharon Chisvin Posted: 08/24/2019 3:00 AM |  Quakers, or the Religious Society of Friends, are deeply committed to living their lives with integrity and simplicity. Equality, the pursuit of peace, the camaraderie of community and stewardship of the Earth are integral tenets of their faith movement. Quakers are a small Christian denomination that originated in England in the mid-17th century and have been present in Canada since 1834. Today, approximately 300,000 people worldwide identify as Quakers. About 60 of them, representing a variety of ages, ethnicities and experiences, live and worship in Winnipeg. Etienne Paul Mungombe Many of these local Quakers, or Friends, recently participated in the society’s national meeting, held at Canadian Mennonite University the first week of August. The national meeting has been an annual event in Canada for more than half a century. “The Canadian Yearly Meeting, or national meeting, is an extended meeting where Friends and guests gather together for business, worship, speakers, education and more,” Winnipeg Friend Glenn Morison says. The meeting serves to unify and connect Quakers from communities across the country, […]