We are on the move (to 145 Maryland Avenue)

Some time ago our meeting realized that we had become too big for the space we were in. The Centre for Christian Studies had met our needs so well in so many ways it was hard to imagine moving. Once we started to talk someone said “we have become complacent about meeting in a space that is not wheelchair accessible.” The winds shifted and we began to look in earnest.  Our testimony of equality called us to action. The way forward was difficult as there were not places that could meet all our desires and then, only a block away, we found the Westminster Housing Cooperative who could offer us everything. So, starting July 2, 2017 we will meet there, 145 Maryland Ave. each Sunday at 11:00.        

Many Voices : One World

Our meeting supports this wonderful program that goes into schools and does a story telling workshops which lead to a home grown story, artwork, banner and other outcomes such as books. Here is a picture of the banners produced at Champlain School in Winnipeg’s North End. 

The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship

A brief reflection by meeting member, Glenn Morison. Gorman, George H.  The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship, London: Quaker Books. 1973 Content George Gorman was born in 1916 and passed away in 1982.  He became a Quaker as a teenager and one of the most respected Quaker writers of his century.  The book is the publication of his Swarthmore Lecture Series in 1973.  There are no definitive Quaker statements but this book would be as close to that as it is possible to come. The intriguing title is explained as referring to the “fact” that something so simple as a group of people sitting quietly in a circle has proven to be something amazing for so many people over such a long time. The book is both descriptive and prescriptive, although the style is very gentle offering suggestions and invitations rather than rules or constraints. The book also weaves history, current practice and reflection in way than you are never far from each source of understanding.  It is both very practical including such details as what you can expect people to wear but hardly pedantic as it takes on such questions such as devoting an entire chapter to the question, […]

Notes from Quaker study on Restoring Indigenous Community Economies

We have committed ourselves to study and action on issues that are relevant to us and relate to traditional Quaker Testimonies. We are delighted to have one of our regular attenders, Robert Miller lead a study session for us recently.  These are notes that he shared. Notes from Quaker Study on Treaty Relations “Restoring Indigenous Community Economies” [R.M. February 12, 2017] Two quotes for worship focus: “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work ” – Lilla Watson, Australian Indigenous activist, academic and artist “… changing entrenched economic patterns needs to be borne forward on a great river of public concern and shared respectful vision. We pray for that river to rise in our land.” – Aboriginal Rights Coalition (Canada, 2000) WORSHIP CELEBRATING OUR ACTIONS:  What have we done, either individually or collectively, to engage in reconciliation in the past year? We read: Breathing Life into the Stone Fort Treaty by Aimée Craft – life changing Printed 6000 copies of “94 Calls to Action” in pamphlet form We Are All Treaty People Celebration Committee – planning an event this coming […]