Quaker Unity: Notes from our recent study

Notes from Study “On Quaker Unity” October 30, 2016 Alex Merrill   All of our truths lead us to the truth.   The challenge of unity is that in making decisions, words are used – and words can bring us together and words can drive us apart.   We use many words to discern how spirit calls us to: truth/water/spirit/light/human ideals/empathy/intuition/connection/beyond ourselves   To test whether you are in unity when thinking about a decision the Meeting is grappling with, you can ask yourself: Which way will deepen our faith? Which way will nurture love? What will grow our beloved community?   When you’re not sure about whether you are unity, you can ask yourself: Did I bring a solution to this Meeting, or did I come here open to the community reaching a solution? Is this the right time for this decision? Did you come to the Meeting expecting to be changed by the process?   Making decisions by unity –community discernment – is a profoundly counter-cultural process. Unity is a discipline, a practice based in community. Being in community means committing to loving one another, and not just in the easy times. The world pummels us into being […]