Quaker Study November 1st

This Sunday we will be starting Part 1 of our new study with Robert Miller: Treaty Relations Part 1: Treaties and Aboriginal Suicide in Canada.  Treaties as understood by the indigenous negotiators. Aboriginal youth suicides “not our problem” (former Min. of Indian Affairs). Community-based approaches to prevention, healing and wellness. What is the role of non-indigenous allies? The study will start at 9:30 in our Meeting room on the 3rd floor of 60 Maryland st. in Winnipeg.  All are welcome! Reminder that this is also a potluck Sunday. This weeks Advice and Query: 4.The Religious Society of Friends is rooted in Christianity and has always found inspiration in the life and teachings of Jesus. How do you interpret your faith in the light of this heritage? How does Jesus speak to you today? Are you following Jesus’ example of love in action? Are you learning from his life the reality and cost of obedience to God? How does his relationship with God challenge and inspire you?

October 25th

This weeks Advice and Query: 3. Do you try to set aside times of quiet for openness to the Holy Spirit? All of us need to find a way into silence which allows us to deepen our awareness of the divine and to find the inward source of our strength. Seek to know an inward stillness, even amid the activities of daily life. Do you encourage in yourself and in others a habit of dependence on God’s guidance for each day? Hold yourself and others in the Light, knowing that all are cherished by God.

October 18th

This Weeks Advice and Query: 2. Bring the whole of your life under the ordering of the spirit of Christ. Are you open to the healing power of God’s love? Cherish that of God within you, so that this love may grow in you and guide you. Let your worship and your daily life enrich each other. Treasure your experience of God, however it comes to you. Remember that Christianity is not a notion but a way.

October 11th

This Sunday, at 9:30, we will hold our second Quaker study of the fall. Our topic is: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission,  led by Elaine Bishop. It starts at 9:30 in our Meeting room on the third floor at 60 Maryland Street in Winnipeg.All are welcome! This weeks Advice and Query: 1. Take heed, dear Friends, to the promptings of love and truth in your hearts. Trust them as the leadings of God whose Light shows us our darkness and brings us to new life.