Ask a Quaker Anything Day

Sunday May 31 is “Ask a Quaker Anything Day” at Winnipeg Monthly Meeting. We do this every fifth Sunday of a month. Please feel free during our sharing time after Meeting for Worship to ask any of your questions about Quakers! Advices and Queries: Children and young people need love and stability. Are we doing all we can to uphold and sustain parents and others who carry the responsibility for providing this care?

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, May 17

This Sunday after Meeting for Worship (11-12), is Winnipeg Monthly Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, at 12:45 p.m. All are welcome! Advices and Queries: Respect the wide diversity among us in our lives and relationships. Refrain from making prejudiced judgments about the life journeys of others. Do you foster the spirit of mutual understanding and forgiveness which our discipleship asks of us? Remember that each one of us is unique, precious, a child of God.

Revelation and Revolution – this Sunday!

This coming Sunday, May 10, please join us for Quaker 101 study, as we discuss “Revelation and Revolution: Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness” by Steve Chase. This Pendle Hill Pamphlet challenges us to look at what, if anything, Quaker faith calls us to do in the face of injustice. We will start at 9:30 am, in the Winnipeg Monthly Meeting area at the Centre for Christian Studies. All are welcome!

First Day and Potluck Sunday

This Sunday at our Meeting in Winnipeg we will have First Day (children’s program during Meeting for Worship) and potluck lunch afterwards at 12 pm. All are welcome! Advices and Queries: Do you give sufficient time to sharing with others in the meeting, both newcomers and long-time members, your understanding of worship, of service, and of commitment to the Society’s witness? Do you give a right proportion of your money to support Quaker work?