Silence and Democracy

The Religious Society of Friends is about a lot more than just silence but as we worship from silence, it certainly has a central, and increasingly rare in our society, place.    

Richard Rohr

One of the many things I appreciate about the Quaker Community is that they do not define themselves by what they are “not”.  Quakers are not quick to say I am against this or I am against that. And the traditional testimonies are just that, Quakers testify to their experience.  As such, nourishment can come from many places and their is no need to justify, apologize or buttress.  In this spirit I share one place where this hungry person has found food, where other thirsty have found drink and other travelers, direction. Richard Rohr: Here is a two hour video in which he speaks to finding God in Silence: And here is a link to a sample of his daily meditations which are available for free:–The-Second-Split.html?soid=1103098668616&aid=uBM4aK7ZseQ Glenn Morison (Winnipeg Quaker Meeting)