Quaker Unity: Notes from our recent study

Notes from Study “On Quaker Unity” October 30, 2016 Alex Merrill   All of our truths lead us to the truth.   The challenge of unity is that in making decisions, words are used – and words can bring us together and words can drive us apart.   We use many words to discern how spirit calls us to: truth/water/spirit/light/human ideals/empathy/intuition/connection/beyond ourselves   To test whether you are in unity when thinking about a decision the Meeting is grappling with, you can ask yourself: Which way will deepen our faith? Which way will nurture love? What will grow our beloved […]

Quaker Study (October 30)

“On Quaker Unity” Quaker Study – Winnipeg Monthly Meeting October 30, 2016, 9:30 am What does it mean to come to “unity” in a Quaker meeting? What makes it different from decision-making based on unanimity or consensus? How is it fundamental to Quaker practice? The concept of unity can be hard to grasp, even for “seasoned” Friends. Please join us at our upcoming Quaker study for a discussion on unity. We invite you to come and share your questions about and understandings of unity – a concept that’s central to Quaker practice. In preparation, here are some quotes and other […]

Query and Advice # 4

The Religious Society of Friends is rooted in Christianity and has always found inspiration in the life and teachings of Jesus. How do you interpret your faith in the light of this heritage? How does Jesus speak to you today? Are you following Jesus’ example of love in action? Are you learning from his life the reality and cost of obedience to God? How does his relationship with God challenge and inspire you?

Query and Advice #3

Do you try to set aside times of quiet for openness to the Holy Spirit? All of us need to find a way into silence which allows us to deepen our awareness of the divine and to find the inward source of our strength. Seek to know an inward stillness, even amid the activities of daily life. Do you encourage in yourself and in others a habit of dependence on God’s guidance for each day? Hold yourself and others in the Light, knowing that all are cherished by God.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action Booklet

Winnipeg Monthly Meeting has produced a booklet containing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action from the TRC’s final report last year.  This booklet is available in PDF form on this site and may be reproduced and shared freely. Please click the links below to access the PDFs for the colour cover and the booklet itself: Truth and Reconciliation Commissions of Canada: Calls to Action – Cover Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action – Booklet